Do I Qualify for an Offer In Compromise?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing the facts of your case. The best way to find out is to call us or click “How do I Start” on this page and go through our no charge consultation so we can determine the likelihood of an Offer in Compromise success. If we do not think the IRS will accept an Offer in Compromise, we will give you some alternative options that may produce savings on your tax debt.

We will always complete this preliminary review of your finances and a detailed review of your IRS account before accepting your case. This ensures a high likelihood of success and is done up front at no cost or obligation to you. In this review for the Offer in Compromise program we will also discuss other options available to you.

Nationwide Tax Negotiators knows what “red flags” to look for when considering an Offer in Compromise and will provide other options if an Offer in Compromise is not possible. This financial review and in depth tax debt analysis separates us from other IRS tax relief firms. It also keeps our acceptance rate for the Offer in Compromise program at the highest level and keeps our clients satisfied.