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You DO NOT Have To Pay “High Fees” For QUALITY Tax Help!

This is our 25th Year in Business

“Verifiable References” are must and we have them!

Our Total Fee is only $795.00 regardless of how much you owe. Most firms try to charge you based on the amount of tax owed which is dishonest because the effort involved to complete an OIC is the same whether it’s a small or large debt. We accept a Small Down Payment and bill the balance when we complete the Offer… MasterCard, Visa, Pay Pal and Money Orders are accepted. State Offer in Compromise’s are only $695.00 if  done at the same time we do the IRS.

Please read “Explanation of Fees” below then go to….How Do I Start?

Our Service Includes: Your Offer in Compromise signed: “Completed by Nationwide Tax Negotiators” then 21 pages of completed IRS forms are mailed to you for your review and signatures.
You will have Unlimited Support during the entire Offer process; up to and including the acceptance, rejection or appeal process if necessary.

Explanation of Fees
By now you probably have contacted other firms and discovered that fees can range from $1500 to over $4000. Why do some charge so much? How can NTN charge so little? It can be a bit confusing but the answer is simple:

Many CPA’s, Attorneys and Enrolled Agents with commissioned Telemarketers and Salesmen on their payrolls, charge those high fees under the “DISGUISE” of representing you during the Offer process. Representation is necessary “ONLY” when the IRS is about to seize your home or business (Very rare). Otherwise representation simply means this: Eventually the IRS will request this high priced firm to send them proof of your Offer information, of course they can’t until you first send it to them so they can forward it to the IRS.  Our Clients Never meet with the IRS they simply mail that proof directly to the IRS themselves. Should you pay $1000’s more to have someone forward your paperwork? Of Course Not!…How Do I Start

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Our Mission Statement:

We are professionally competent, have a sense of urgency and are always concerned
about being both effective and efficient in serving our clients; while at the same time
preserving confidentiality in delicate or sensitive situations. We believe in the long
run our own best interests will be served by placing the interests of our clients ahead
of ours on every project