The IRS wage levy and garnishment (seizure) is a powerful tool used to collect taxes you owe. The IRS requires your employer to give part of your paycheck to the IRS instead of paying you. It can make it impossible for you to pay your bills or support your family. This levy will remain until we help you negotiate a release. The wage levy or garnishment is usually caused by a failure to communicate with the IRS.

Have you just received your paycheck only to find that the IRS has taken most of what you earned? They didn’t even leave you enough to pay your bills, your rent or mortgage, your car payment or to feed your family. We can help you stop wage levies and garnishments.

As soon as you are advised by your employer that the IRS has filed a Notice of Levy. We can help you stop wage levies and garnishments. At that time, your employer will request that you complete certain information for the IRS. This information will tell your employer how much must be withheld from your paycheck and sent to the IRS on payday. We will help you complete the information request and determine the amount you will be able to get from your paycheck.

Your employer has no choice but to make payments to the IRS. We can help you stop wage garnishments.

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