How much should I pay for an Offer in Compromise

Explanation of Fees
By now you probably have contacted other firms and discovered that fees can range from $1500 to over $4000. Why do some charge so much? How can NTN charge so little? It can be a bit confusing but the answer is simple:

Many CPA’s, Attorneys and Enrolled Agents with commissioned Telemarketers and Salesmen on their payrolls, charge those high fees under the “DISGUISE” of representing you during the Offer process. Representation is necessary “ONLY” when the IRS is about to seize your home or business (Very rare). Otherwise representation simply means this: Eventually the IRS will request this high priced firm to send them proof of your Offer information, of course they can’t until you first send it to them so they can forward it to the IRS.  Our Clients Never meet with the IRS they simply mail that proof directly to the IRS themselves. Should you pay $1000’s more to have someone forward your paperwork? Of Course Not!


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